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country health profiles
Ebola Situation Room

Here you will find official data on the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak of 2014-2015 and related socio-demographic
and economic performance indicators.

expenditures on health and major outcomes

According to the WHO, every year 100 million people are pushed into poverty because they have to pay for health
services directly. Even richer countries struggle to keep up with the rising costs of technological advances in healthcare
and the increasing health demands of their populations. Low-income countries often have insufficient resources
to ensure access to even a very basic set of health services.

Learn more about healthcare expenditures and healthcare funding in African countries.

Africa Healthcare Prices Collection

This is an initiative of the African Development Bank in partnership with Knoema. Its main objective is to collect monthly price data for essential health care services in Africa to facilitate effective responses to health challanges African countries face, such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Essential Healthcare
Services Prices

Explore Healthcare Prices Dataset See Visualizations

The data collected has been compiled into a comprehensive and up-to-date dataset which can be accessed free of charge on this site.

Learn more on geo coverage
See the services list

Healthcare Facilities

View Facilities
on a Map

We have begun collecting information
on healthcare facilities in Africa, including
geographical location, capacity, staff, security,
and occupancy rates as well as health
services provide by each facility.

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